Aqua Ayurvedic Spa in Negombo

This program is good for guest who wants to do a light course of basic Ayurvedic treatment to relax and recover from daily stress and spend a healthy holiday.

Experience the Aqua Ayurvedic Spa with a loved one and rediscover vital sensory pleasures - from the pleasure of touch to the aroma of exotic oils.

Head and Shoulder Massage – 30min.
Will help you to relax, release stress and gain vitality.

Foot Massage – 30min.
Useful for keeping the feet smooth and removing cracks, dryness and fatigue.

Full Body Treatment – 60min.
Oleaginous therapy focus on calming the nerves, lymphatic  circulatory system, reduces muscle & joint pains. Rejuvenates the whole body resulting relaxation and delays the ageing process.

Steam Bath with Full Body Treatment – 80min.
Application of therapeocutic heat to the body. Expels toxic congestions reduces the excess fat. Herbal leaves and roots are boiled and the stream passing through the body.

Shiro Dhara (Head Oil Massage) – 40min.
Unique form of ancient therapy of applying oil on the forehead and  rhythmically allowing the oil to run through the scalp into the hair.

Sarvanga Dhara (Full Body Oil Treament) – 60min.
It is a applying of oil treat for the whole body relieving stress, helps loosen up to the toxins, rejuvenates the whole body and reduce muscle and joint pains.

Herbal Facial – 40min.
It is a herbal facial treatment, removes facial toxins reduces the appearance of wrinkles, revitalizes the facial tissues corrects the skin conditions such as acnes, black head, pigmentation etc.

No: 150 ,
Third Floor ,
Sanasa Bank Building ,
Negombo . ( Behind Negombo Bus Terminal ).
Tel: 0314 936135