Adventure & other Sports Activities in the Hotel
Water Sports
Looking for some fun in the sun?
If you are aquatic sport lover then you would be spoilt with choices from Aqua Village Hotel. Adventure Water Sports offers it all with a wide selection of sports such as paddle boats, Water polo, Waboba, Swimming pool activities. These fun activities offer excitement for all ages and any skill level.
Mountain Bike Riding

It is the perfect place for a biking adventure. Rich in history and tradition, the country is a photographer's paradise full of visual delights. It is designed a special track in hotel area for mountain bike lovers.  

Enjoying the beautiful weather and the company of friends is what barbecues are all about. However, a few fun activities for guests of all ages can certainly liven things up.

If you are a non-meat-eating guest, There are menus that is included plenty of grilled veggies. Skewer green and red peppers, eggplant, and zucchini, brush with olive oil and cook directly on the grill. Wrap corncobs in foil and toss on as well for corn that is crisp and juicy.
Pool Billiards
Dress code: Smart Casual
Gentlemen are requested to be in shirts or collared t-shirts, paired with appropriate long pants. Jackets are not necessary. Dresses, skirts or trousers are recommended for ladies.

This is where you should go for a nice evening of hanging out with friends. Everyone come down and have fun while shooting pool. so even in the event of a queue the time waiting is spent easily in the nice bar, drinking a beer or two. Snacks should be added obviously
Fun in moon with our professional DJ.
They play music of all known and popular styles like house, trance, funky, R*B, Soul, Hip Hop and others. Dress code - no restrictions. The entrance is opened for all with tickets At Infinity Eye club, and also you can book a table in advance (inclusive one bottle of "regular" drink, whether it is whisky, gin or vodka). Age restriction - 21 year. All DJs are opened from 19:00 up to 1 o'clock in the morning.

So come and close yourself in this all day / all night party experience!